The Parable Of Rabbits In The Swap


Born and raised in Kenya, Abu shares a poetry piece he’s written titled, “The Parable Of Rabbits In The Swap”

Like mismatched partners, I’ve begun to question whether my mind was tailored for connections. 

Moments of distortion with life become increasingly constant and the fluidity of the river that was once my mind comes to an abrupt end. 

Was I born the right time? Questions as such linger my mind. 

How does a whole generation Submissively abide by an amoral doctrine? 

Constitutional and societal inoculation will be the demise of us, we can’t quell the natural mindset of man into a rigid bureaucratic system. 

Although what’s done is done and the damage is irreversible. This model has failed the vision. 

Could this be me? 

This form of flesh and bones, these interactions and memories or rather the facade, the elusive deception of wanting to be. 

A desperate attempt to create meaning out of the desolate void that is existence.

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